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Online dating Thailand
Houston, United States
6' 2"
Caucasian (white)
In my own words:

I am a self-made and educated man who has persevered in overcoming adversity to succeed. Determined, strong, educated, and worldly. Those words describe me. I’ve experienced alot in my life, walked down many roads, and some say I’ve accomplished a lot. I am athletic, cultured, well-traveled due to the nature of my job, as well as a gentleman and a person of integrity.I have a very active and inquiring mind, and every day try to increase my knowledge and understanding of the world.I work as an Engineer running an an indivual technical skills on Barges. I look and feel much younger than my age, and I approach life with confidence. I’m athletic and muscular and in excellent shape because I run 4 miles 3X per week and do some aerobic exercises to keep my heart healthy and my blood vessels.I’m a pretty fair piano player (blues, rock, classical),and also the Guitar.I have many interests including travel, hiking, European culture, museums, and opera.

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