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well about me my name is Bright Ashley and i live in NY in Brooklyn in the United state

of America and i am 49 years old.and my relationship status is single.i am an

independent contractor and i enjoy my job so much ,i have been in this field for about 15

years and there about and i love my job so much.i have a daughter by name Michelle she

is all that i lived for cos i got her out of wedlock and she is 8 years old.i love reading

romantics and adventure books if i start reading a book with a story that is interesting i

hate it when it got finished i hate scary movies cos it scare me a lot.i am always with the

mentality that every thing is possible if you truly believe in your self and that greatness

is always destined for every body.i like abiding by the golden rule which says do unto

others the way you will like others do unto you and i have a straight habit towards life.i

am confident about my self and i don't like to hurt others peoples feeling cos i know how

it feel to be hurt.i love those who do things with a sense of humor and are ready to learn

from other people.

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