lolrosemary: Single Woman in Australia - หาคู่ออนไลน์สำหรับคนโสด

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Finding Thai women
Melbourne, Australia
5' 7"
Caucasian (white)
In my own words:

I want to find loving and caring person. I appreciate such qualities as intelligence and a good sense of humor. I need to find understanding man, who will love me and help me. I also want him to love ... I want to be able to,as days go by, Always to look Myself straight in the eye; I don't want to stand,with the setting sun, And hate Myself for things I've done I don't want to keep a closet shelf A lot of secrets about Myself, And fool Myself,as I come and go Into thinking that nobody else will know the kind of women I really am, I don't want to dress up Myself in shame I want to go out there with my head erect, I want to deserve all Men's respect but here in struggle for fame and pelf I want to be able to like Myself I don't want to look a Myself and know that I'm bluster and bluff and empty show I can never hide Myself from Me I see what others may never see I know what others may never know, I never can fool Myself,and so whatever happens,I want to be Self-Respected and conscience free........

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