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Seeking overseas men
Chicago, United States
5' 9"
African American (black)
In my own words:

I have been told I'm very attractive. I'm very open minded to new things; I'm interested in meeting new people and trying new things. I was in a relationship for years and would love to get back into the dating scene. Relationships are a lot of work and I'm not looking to jump into another right away. If it happens then that's cool but right now I'm more interested in just meeting and we'll see where it goes from there. I like women that are in control of their lives or someone that's working hard toward that goal. If you got a lot of issues then I'm not what you are looking for. (Point, click, delete) Let’s try being friends first. I like romantic outings, poetry, the arts, living and loving life. I like staying in and ordering pizza on cold winter evenings while we snuggle up on the couch watching a movie. I like cooking but I’m not so good at it so be warned. I have a positive mental outlook on most everything but I am only human and have my moments…... Very easy to get along with and obviously I like dating outside of my race (why else would I be here) I have a heart as big as Texas. Don't let a guy like me get away. I promise you will not be disappointed I can guarantee it.

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